Downtown traffic is about to get more confusing..if that's possible.


  The City says the I-37 entrance ramp on Market Street, near the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Convention Center, will close on Monday.


  Drivers who want to get onto I-37 will have to get onto Tower of the Americas Way, past the Institute of Texan Cultures, and onto Cesar Chavez and get onto I-37 that way.


  In addition, Market Street from Bowie, in front of the Grand Hyatt, will be closed all the way to Interstate 37 for eleven months starting in September.


  It's part of the Market Street Realignment Project, which is part of the reconstruction of Hemisfair Park.


  As part of the project, the southward bend that Market Street takes before hitting I-37 will be straightened, so Market will run parallel to Commerce Street.  That will allow the Convention Center to be extended to the east.


  The long term plan is to demolish the older portion of the Convention Center, near the statue of Henry B. Gonzalez at Market and Alamo, and stretch the Park northward to Market Street.


  The plan also includes creating a new pedestrian walkway on Commerce Street under I-37.  It also includes. construction of a new roadway, installation of sidewalks, bike lanes, traffic signals, a storm drain system, utilities, and landscape improvement.

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