Mayor Castro wants you to bypass the elevator, and take the stairs to your office as a way to stay healthy, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The Mayor's Fitness Council today unveiled the 'Embrace the Steps' campaign, encouraging companies and building owners to 'invest in and improve their stairwells' to encourage people to use the stairs.


  Among the suggestions for making the stairwells more attractive...carpet the stairs, hang art work in the stairwells, enhance the lighting in stairwells for safety, install music, paint stairwells bright colors, and create 'theme stairwells.'


  "We encourage every employer in San Antonio to embrace this stairwell campaign and order posters today," said Dr. Peter Wald, chair of the San Antonio Business Group on Health, and medical director for USAA.  "Taking the stairs is such a simple, effective, and inexpensive exercise."


  Several posters will be made available to area employers to encourage their workers to use the steps to get up and down from the office and avoid the elevator or escalator.