Holiday travelers will want to be
at the airport two hours in
advance of their flight warns
San Antonio International Airport's
Nora Castro. She says the Thursday
before Memorial Day is
one of the airport's busiest
weekends for traveling.

"For families who haven't
traveled in awhile, we are
still going through a renovation
project, they forget what
they can pack and can't pack."

Castro says don't travel
wearing bling and
belts or metals ...
you'll just have to take it
all off when you go through

"A lot of people want
to wear bling on their shirts
or shoes but that is just going
to set off the metal detector."

says it's the start of summer
vacations. She says if you
haven't traveled in awhile
do some research before
you arrive.

"People are allowed 3 oz. of liquid
in one bag, in one bag per person
and a lot of those rules can be
found on the TSA website,"
says Castro.

She says their busiest time is BEFORE
7 a.m.