The capture of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, the brutal and blood stained leader of Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel, is not likely to result in relief any time soon for the long suffering residents of Nuevo Laredo, where Trevino Morales was arrested with eight guns and $2 million in cash, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  In fact, Guadalupe Correa, a professor at U.T. Brownsville and an expert on the cartels of northern Mexico, says it will open the door to more violence.


  She says Trevino Morales controlled Nuevo Laredo, and other aspiring gang leaders are going to fight for that lucrative route.


  "Half of the United States is connected to Mexico through Nuevo Laredo," she said.  "It is the most important city to distribute drugs."


  Dan Salter, the long time head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Dallas, is will aware of Trevino Morales record.  The drug kingpin lived in Dallas, and used the city as a shipment point for his drug loads.


  "Some of the atrocities that we have seen in the Middle East, with the decapitations and brutalization, he implemented in his drug activities in Northern Mexico," Salter said.


  In fact, Trevino Morales was directly implicated in several hundred murders, including the most outrageous crimes committed in Mexico's drug wars, like the massacre of dozens of innocent people in an attempt to kill one rival gang member.


  Correa says there will be trouble in the area in the near term.


  "With a big leader, especially a plaza commander in Nuevo Laredo falls, you can expect some sort of confrontation," she said.