A scary new study about drinking and driving as we approach the holiday season, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  A survey by Mothers of Drunk Driving says 73% of Texans, or nearly three out of four of us, says we have personally seen a person who has clearly been drinking too much try to get into a car and drive off.


  Jaime Gutierrez, the Executive Director of Texas MADD, says the lesson is...it will probably happen to you this holiday season...so have a plan on how you will deal with it.


  "If you know that you are going to be out there, in an environment where you know you are going to drink, then do the right thing," he said.


  The good news in the survey...81% of us took action to stop the drunk from driving.  46% drove the person home themselves, 41% took away their keys, 40% reported the incident to the host of the party, 25% called a cab, and 2% called the police.  Only 19% say they did nothing and allowed the drunken person to drive off.


  "When the majority of the people that are out there do their part to eliminate danger, more power to them," he said.


  Federal statistics show that the period between Thanksgiving and New Years is the single more dangerous time to be on the roads, with nearly 1,000 people dying last year in drunk driving accidents alone.