Homeowners in northwest Bexar County are being advised by their homeowners associations to keep an eye on their pets after a man in the Dominion told Texas Parks and Wildlife officials that a mountain lion snatched his pet dog, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Notices are being distributed to residents of HOAs along I-10 following the incident, which officials said happened Tuesday night.


  Parks and Wildlife is investigating, but so far, there is no evidence of lion activity in the area.


  Mountain lion sightings are rare but not unknown in northwest Bexar County.  Several years ago there was a mountain lion scare in Friedrich Park.


  Wildlife groups say there are some 30,000 North American Mountain Lions, called the 'puma concolor,' also known as cougars, in the American west, and the Hill Country and the Big Bend area are listed as their natural habitat.  The animals have been known to range as far as 370 miles and can eat food ranging from deer to squirrels.


  Experts say if you are confronted by a Mountain Lion, don't run, because that sparks the animal's prey instinct.  Never approach the animal's kittens, which are nursing this time of year.  Keep pets on leashes or in fence-enclosed yards if lion activity is suspected.