The cold weather that much of the country, especially unseasonably cold December temperatures in the west, will begin to sock you with higher prices for produce in the coming months, 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.


  Tom McCarthy, who owns Salata San Antonio, a restaurant that makes salads to order, says they're seeing higher prices in produce, thanks to the freezing weather in California.


  "I can count on about a sixty day, 90 day delay and then, bam, I'm going to start seeing higher prices for a lot of things," McCarthy said.  "They grow just everything, they grow avocadoes, lettuce, fruits."


   McCarthy says he has planned for the price increase because of his knowledge of the specific produce market, but other businesses may not be able to.


  "The paradoxical thing about produce is, when the quality goes down, the price goes up," he said.  "You will be paying a lot more for an inferior product.  It is just supply and demand, the demand is there and they know they can get a higher price for it."


  He says something else you might find in the coming few months will be specialized produce, like avocadoes for example, no longer being automatically added to your produce or salad order.  He says many restaurants ride out spells like this by no longer making, for example, pickles standard on hamburgers, and only providing them to customer who ask for them.