Justin Carter, the 19 year old who has been jailed for months for making a bad joke on Facebook about wanting to 'shoot up an elementary school' has been released from the Comal County jail on "$500,000 cash bond,' according to jail records.


  The money was posted by an 'anonymous donor,' according to Carter's family.


  Carter was discussing a computer game on Facebook in January when, in response to another person saying he was 'insane,' responded, that he was going to 'shoot up an elementary school' and then 'eat the beating hearts' of the children and 'watch the blood rain down.'  He followed this with LOL (laugh out loud) and JK (just kidding).


  A woman in Canada didn't get the joke, took a screen shot of the posting, and notified Canadian authorities.


  Justin was arrested, charged with making a terrorist threat, and has been in the Comal County jail since March.


  His lawyer, Don Flanary, told MSNBC last night police have to be vigilant, but this is ridiculous.


  "The problem is that once they realized that this is just some kid saying something stupid, making a sarcastic comment, that's what this should have ended," Flanary said.


  Justin's dad, Jack Carter, told MSNBC the whole thing is 'surreal.'  He says his son was beaten and brutalized in jail.


  "Thinking that Justin is a terrorist or a criminal, or the things he said were criminal, is just plain wrong," Flanary said.  "He has a first amendment right to say what he wants on the Internet.  He did not threaten anyone."


  Carter still faces a hearing next week, and is still charged with Making a Terroristic Threat, and faces the potential of ten years in prison.