Thieves who broke into a building at Harris Middle School in the North East ISD didn't steal high dollar computers, electronics, or other easily fencable items.


  Police say the burglars cleaned out the garden tools used by the school's gardening club.


  "Its really disappointing when you discover people have stolen anything from a school, but especially when they have taken things that kids use," Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman for the North East ISD, told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.


  She says she has no idea why, off all of the things at the school to steal, thieves focused on rakes, hoes, and other gardening items.


  "These kids are learning things through the use of those, and the kids are certainly very disappointed," she said.


  North East ISD has a robust hands-on gardening program in which students learn everything from botany to biology to the weather by growing items in the school garden.