New Braunfels Police are investigating a serial burglar.

  Captain John McDonald says  among the buisness which have been hit over the past few days were the First Protestant Church and the Faith United Church.  He says the burglars are going after random electronic items.

  "They are braking windows for a point of entry," he said.  "In one of them they stole a DVD player, and in the other they stole a sound mixer board."

  He says even though two of the victims have been prominent New Braunfels churches, it doesn't look like churches are being specifically targeted.

   "Not yet at this point," he said.  "It's hard to say but there have ben other businesses which have been broken into as well."

  At other burglaries, the thief took a laptop computer and a flat screen television.

  Nobody has been hurt in the burglaries.