Turning an average Joe, into an expert marksman.

      That’s what Austin-Based company,Tracking Point, plans on doing with their new computerized-rifle.

      President of the company, Jason Schauble, said they’ve been taking orders since January and the demand is “overwhelming.”

      “We've seen people [buying them] who haven’t had the time to get to the level of experience as some of the more advance shooters,” Schauble said. “They feel this product can help them be equal to advanced shooters very quickly.”

     The new technology is unlike anything out there, it gives shooters the most accurate shot, more than any other shooting system available on the market, Schauble said.

      “We manufacture precision guided fire arms, it’s a full system:  a rifle, ammunition and network tracking scope and guided trigger all together,” he said. “It allows you to lock on to a target, see that target in a heads up display like a fighter jet, track that target, and it guides the users to shoot that target on its own.”

     The entire system includes a ballistics computer, IPad capabilities and a laser rangefinder.

      “You can stream video out of that scope through Wi-Fi,” Schauble said. “I f you're at the range, or your father is teaching your son how to shoot, or if you have a guide telling you where the animals are, this system allows there to be a common operating picture from that scope.”

      With the recent controversy surrounding the topic of gun control, there are those who feel putting this type of technology in the hands of the ‘common folk’ may not be a good idea.

     “Long range shooting is a very niche sport,” Schauble said. “The people in long distance shooting tend to already be responsible gun owners.”

     Those wanting to purchase the rifle can expect to pay between $20,000 and $25,000.