The average San Antonio family had an income of $51,486 last year, up from just over $49,000 in 2011 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "Compared to some of the other metro areas, that's good, because most of the other metros saw a fall from 2007," the Census Bureau's Edward Welniak told 1200 WOAI news.


  In fact, the report shows many of us are actually better off today than before the Great Recession, because while our household incomes have risen while other cities have held relatively steady or fallen, and the local cost of living remains well below the national average.


  Incomes in Dallas and Houston, while higher than San Antonio's at $56,900 and $55,900 respectively, did not increase over the past two years.


  In fact, for the first time ever, San Antonio's metro household income is now higher than the statewide average of just over $50,000.


  :"Your median rent, for example, is about $1200 lower than the national average," he said.


  The median gross rent (rent plus utilities) in San Antonio in 2012 was $828, compared with a national average of $925.


  About 17.3% of San Antonio residents live below the poverty line, a little higher than the national average of 15.5%, but declining. In fact, Texas was one of two states which saw net declines in the number of residents living in poverty in the 2012 community survey.  Nationwide, the poverty rate remained relatively stable.  18.9% of metro San Antonians lack health insurance, which is higher than  the national average.


  Interestingly, 12% of San Antonians are foreign born, a number which is actually lower than the 14.8% of all 25 major metro areas studied.


  Among the San Antonio population 25 and older, 83.7% had completed high school last year, slightly lower than the national average.  But the percentage of San Antonio residents who have completed a bachelor's degree in 2012, 26.5%, was significantly lower than the national average of 31.2%