On Marbach Road, tucked in between a pizza parlor and a hair salon is San Antonio Pets Alive Cattery, 170 local homeless kitties spending their days eating and napping ... waiting for their permanent home.

The year old facility is part of the group's effort to reduce pet overpopulation. Joel McLellan says it's a happy place for people and homeless cats.

"We have a recliner in one and a chair in the other, like two living rooms, so it's not just cats in their individual habitats but we have these great meet and greet areas where people and cats can spend as much time together as they would like."

"Come in the door and it's bright, airy and clean. It's just a really great environment.
We have a lot of people that bring their children in to volunteer; they help feed and clean and socialize the animals. It's a very positive environment."

The happy groomed, spayed and neutered cats are ready for adoption.

"We have tabby cats, orange, brown, grey, calicoes and tortoise shells ... all black and all white cats," he says.