Nintendo employee Demitrius Boggs and colleagues are driving the country
 in a Super Mario Airstream showing off the latest Nintendo
 stocking stuffers. They're educating grandparents wanting to get in good
 with grandkids the latest in
 computer games for the under age 12 set.

 "We have a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds,
 which will be for our handheld system the 3DS family
 also newly handheld system is the Nintendo 2DS."
 Coming out this month also we have Super Mario
 3D World," says Boggs.

 He says they also have new Wii programs
 for women looking to get
 fit over the holidays and not gain weight.  

 "Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus are very popular
 titles in our previous console the Wii;
 there have been about 20-30 million
 balance boards sold along with this game
 so the sequel is out now, Wii Fit U."

 Adults have been using Wii to get fit ...
 and Nintendo hopes that
 they'll jump on the bandwagon, or rather
 the balance board, for their latest
 work out game.