A north east side woman is now facing charges in connection with the mysterious death of her nine month old son six weeks ago, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  In early October police four Michael Sanchez dead in his crib wrapped in blankets.  It happened on Casa Verde Street, which is near Thousand Oaks and El Sendero.


  At the time, the boy's mother and other family members said that the boy had drowned, but officials said at the time the story didn't add up.  The boy was dry and there was no sign that he had been in a bathtub recently.  His little body was also in the early stages of rigor mortis, indicating the death had not taken place recently.


  Police Officer Roger Zuniga now says the mom, Mickey Bess, 30, has been charged with injury to a child by reckless omission.


  Polcie stress that Bess is not charged with killing the baby, and the baby's cause of death and the circumstances of his death remain unclear.


  Officers said the investigation is continuing  and more charges and more arrests are not being ruled out.


  Child Protective Services had been called out to the home on numerous occasions, authorities said.