Local tourism officials won't be excited about this, but a San Antonio Police Officer shot a man overnight, in the parking lot of an upscale tourist and business travelers hotel, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Police Officer Roger Zuniga says it all started about 11PM, when police discovered that a vehicle that was circling the area of the Marriott Hotel in the 600 block of South Santa Rosa had been stolen.  They followed the car, which contained three passengers, as it drove into the parking lot.


  He says police radioed for backup, and several officers arrived to close the exits to the parking lot to prevent the stolen vehicle from exiting.


  "When officers approached to try to get the suspects out of the vehicle, the driver of the possibly stolen vehicle started fighting with officers," Zuniga told 1200 WOAI news on the scene.  "Two officers engaged the driver, and he was actively fighting with the officers."


  But Zuniga said it was the bizarre actions of the front seat passenger which alarmed officers the most.


  "This passenger was reaching under the seat, making furtive movements like he was digging for something under the seat.  The officer perceived this as a threat and was making commands, show me your hands."


  At that point, Zuniga says the female officer, a three year veteran of the force, fired one shot, striking the passenger in the torso.


  He was rushed to the hospital with wounds which are not life threatening.  The driver and a female passenger in the allegedly stolen car were arrested.


  No officers or guests at the hotel were hurt.  The officer has been placed on routine desk duty while the shooting is investigated.


  Zuniga didn't say if there actually was a weapon under the passenger seat, or whether anybody in the stolen car was armed.