San Antonio flea markets
are not only selling
crock pots and clothes ...
they're also selling dogs.

Piles of pit bull pups
are being sold at area
flea markets according
to SPAYSA's Executive
Director Cathy
McCoY, a practice which is turning into a festering mess

"These animals are being bred
and sold at flea markets;
mated with the wrong type
of dog which means more
animals that are more aggressive,
have more issues and more problems."

She says since san antonio
refuses to pass a mandatory
spay neuter bill, the problem
of pet overpopulation remains.

SPAYSA will offer a $20 buck
spay and neuter
fee in August for pit bulls.

"We want to get people
out of thinking they should
breed pit bulls because
more puppies adds to the
ones who don't have homes
which adds to our pet
overpopulation," says McCoy.
Breeding pit bulls doesn't help the cause of the pit bull, a breed that suffers neglect abuse and prejuidice.

"There are a lot of pit bulls
and pit bull mixes
in shelters these days.
But they want to be with
someone, they don't want
to be enclosed in a four wall
area so we want to make
sure that there are not
anymore out there."

Some nations have outlawed
the breed so McCoy says the kindest thing to do is prevent more from meeting a sad and tragic fate.