Hardy Norwegians have been in the oil
game since the 1970s when they discovered oil in the rough North Sea. They quickly developed their own technology to recover as much as they could ... and they're bringing that drilling expertise to South Texas.

Norway's state operated energy
company Statoil is a major
player in the Eagle Ford Shale,
operating in prime DeWitt, Bee,
Karnes and Live Oak counties.

Executive of US Onshore
Torstein Hole says drilling
amongst tumbleweeds and
scorpions is new for them.

"It is very different from Norway so we have to educate our people a little bit before going out into this terrain." Like looking at the ground before you start working should be there unwelcoming scorpions and snakes, wearing workman's boots and drinking lots of water. Hole says hardy Norwegians are learning to battle the 100 degree temperatures of South Texas as they do the 0 degree Celsuis ones at home.

Norwegians are known for their advanced
society and being a nation dependent
on their natural resources, they've also developed advanced technology to make the most of their plentiful natural resources ... while protecting the environment.

"We have an experience in Norway
where we have been able to recover
up to 50% in place oil in the ground
which is a world record."

But one of the biggest
challenges isn't seeking the fish
and potatoes of home ... but Hole says it's falling in love with our BBQ and tacos and going home fat.

"It's very easy to get fantastic food in Texas and every Norwegian I know has problems limiting intake of food ... rather than finding food that they like."