Governor Perry heads out on a another business-poaching trip this week, trying to convince businesses in Maryland to pull up stakes and move to Texas, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  As with his previous trips to the Democrat-controlled states of California, Illinois, Missouri, New York and Connecticut, Perry is running radio ads in Maryland blasting that state's business climate and Maryland's Democratic governor, saying Martin O'Malley has turned Maryland into the 'tax and fee state.'


  O'Malley blasted Perry's trip to his state as a 'tired old PR gimmick' and said when Perry arrives in Maryland, he will see how 'better choices have led to better results.'


  Cal Jillson, a political analyst at SMU, tells 1200 WOAI news these trips, which are always accompanied by plenty of media coverage, are a gold mine for Perry, who has not ruled out another bid for President in 2016.


  "When Rick Perry makes the argument that Texas is the last home for freedom and opportunity, that suggests it has been lost in the rest of the country," Jillson said.


  Maryland's Democratic House Speaker pointed out that Maryland's public schools have been ranked tops in the country for the past five years, and pointed out that many studies have tied a good education to good jobs and a strong local economy.


  Perry has begun to encounter strong opposition to his high profile business-poaching trips.  When the governor was in Missouri earlier this month, that state's Democratic governor and Senator ran ads, called talk shows, and confronted Perry about his claims and used the opportunity to tout the success of Missouri's economy.


  Jillson says the politics behind Perry's trips is undeniable.


  "Martin O'Malley is a Democratic prospect for President, so Perry is trying to get a little leverage on him," Jillson said.


  Maryland Hose Speaker Martin Busch couldn't help but take a potshot at Perry.


  "It's equally ironic that its coming from the person who couldn't identify the three government agencies he'd like to eliminate when he ran for President,' Busch said.  "Maybe he's coming here to take some of our remedial higher education courses.  We would love to offer him some affordable higher education prices."