Merry Christmas!


  Governor Perry is celebrating Christmas in June, by signing a bill that bars lawsuits agaisnt public schools over students and teachers saying Merry Christmas in school, or erecting a Christmas Tree, as long as the symbols of at least one more religion is also represented in the school.


  State Rep. Duane Bohac (R-Houston) introduced the bill after his son told him he was not allowed to say 'Merry Christmas' in his school due to feat of lawsuits.


  "This doesn't require you to say Merry Christmas," Bohac told 1200 WOAI news.  "I merely permits them to talk about the traditional and historic winter holidays."


  Bohac says lawsuits over saying 'Merry Christmas' in public schools are 'ridiculous,' but they are costly for the school districts and annoying to have to defend.


  He says he agrees that there should be separation of church and state, but supporters point out that Christmas is also a recognized Federal Holiday, like The Fourth of July, meaning that celebrating it in school does not violate that separation.


  His bill will also protect the erection of Menorahs, Muslim Crescents, and other religious symbols if they are used not for worship, but to recognize and respect the holidays of those religions.