Governor Perry is showing something to the people in the Show Me State, running $100,000 worth of radio ads in Missouri designed to convince that state's employers to move to Texas.


 1200 WOAI news reports this is the fifth Democrat-controlled state where Perry has actively blasted a Democratic governor's high taxes and regulation, and laid out Texas as an alternative.


  In the Missouri ad, Perry takes a direct shot at Missouri's Democratic governor, Jay Nixon.


  "Unfortunately, your governor vetoed a bill that would have lowered taxes and controlled wasteful spending," Perry says in the ad.  "Vetoing a tax bill is the same thing as raising your taxes."


  Perry encourages Missouri business owners to move 'to the state where businesses flourish, and jobs are created--Texas.'


  Perry has made similar job grabbing assaults n California, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut.  In Connecticut, Perry specifically targeted that state's gun industry, urging gun makers to move to Texas to avoid strict gun control laws passed following the Sandy Hook school shooting.


  Perry's ad pushes Texas' lack of a state income tax, 'sensible regulations and fair legal system.'


  He points out that last year, $40 million in investment left Missouri for Texas, 'because they know Texas is a great place to live and work.'


  Perry plans to travel to Missouri next week to meet with business groups.


  A St. Louis TV station called Perry's trip 'a conservative politics road show.'