Students at El Dorado Elementary School in the NEISD got a lesson from an unusual source on Wednesday---a rock band.


  A rock concert by the group Teen Nation sang about the problems of bullying among teens and pre teens.


  Blake, a fifth grader at the school, told 1200 WOAI news what made it meaningful to him was the fact that it was kids like him, and not adults, who were spreading the message.


  "You could relate to them," he said.  "The bullying happened to them sooner, because when you're older you don't really member what happened.  And then when they sing, it makes you feel happy."


  Lee Wilson, the founder and manager of Teen Nation, says the goal is to send a relatable message.


  "These seven who are on the tour are young teens themselves, and they talk to the students about the actual issues they've had themselves, about being entertainers and being bullied," he said.


  Another fifth grader told 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez that it’s cool that kids are sending this message in a pop concert.


  "I like it because they're singing songs, and I also like it because they're close to our age, and not, like, adults," the girl said.


  Teen Nation plans to perform concerts at several elementary and middle schools around the city for the rest of the week and next week.