San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich says 'that little spark' will kick in in his team following last night's loss to the Miami Heat.


  In an interview with 1200 WOAI news and other leading media, Popovich today said his veteran team  doesn't need to be lectured about last night's shortcomings.


  "After a game like last night, players are smart," he said.  "They don't need to be told how many turnover they had or this that or the other or what they need to do.  They feel it, and they will respond in that regard."


  One thing that Popovich says he won't do is make major changes in his winning team.


  "It's difficult to win an NBA game, let alone a playoff game," he said.  "It's not that easy, you just don't draft this player and it's done.  When it doesn't happen quickly, some owners take it personally because they are generally very successful people.  But if you can have continuity and a good group and a team, and all that entails, and allow it to grow, and the knowledge and understanding continues to grow.  You deal with adversity, and don't get too pumped up about success."


  Popovich says he also wont' fall back on 'trade slogans' to deal with last night's loss.


  "Trust, camaraderie, a feeling of responsibility that each member holds toward the other," he said.  "You have to develop territory, be able to discuss, to argue, and come out in the end on the same page, with the same passion."


  So what will he do to get ready for Sunday night?  He says he won't have to motivate his players, because they know what needs to be done.


  "That little spark of intensity, backs against the wall, a little bit of fear, that just seems to kick in when you have lost the previous game," he said.  "When you find teams that can get over that, those are the championship teams."