While it’s the first day for school for spublic school districts in San Antonio, it’s also the first day for ‘Pre-K 4SA,’ the controversial program spearheaded by Mayor Julian Castro.

       The program was approved by voters last November and was funded through legislatively sales tax. It’s a necessary program that will make a difference for the younger generations, Mayor Castro told 1200 WOAI reporter Stephanie Narvaez.

      “It’s going to make a profound impact on their entire educational trajectory,” Mayor Castro said. “Early childhood education will make a significant difference.”

      Currently two centers have opened up in the city and they’re 700 students, putting close to three hundred on a waiting list.

      “The research is very compelling,” Mayor Castro said. “If you have an opportunity to reach a child and make an impact on how well they learn that opportunity exist when they're young at three or four years-old and parents know that.”

      While this is the first year, many parents wanting to get their children into the program, Mayor Castro said.

      “Eventually in the next eight years we’re going to serve more than 22-thousand students,” Mayor Castro said. “This is just the beginning…it will ramp up in the next few years.”