New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be in Texas this weekend, watching his New York Giants football team, which actually plays in New Jersey, take on the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.


  But Christie will also be in San Antonio on Monday for a fundraiser, and Cal Jillson, the dean of Texas political analysts and a professor at SMU, says it looks like Christie is testing the water for a 2016 Presidential run.


  "There are lots of clues that he wants to run for President, and this is certainly one of them," Jillson said.


  Christie also has fundraisers over the weekend in Dallas and Houston.


  Jillson says Texas has always been a Republican ATM, and Christie should leave here with a bulging wallet.  But he says the New Jersey governor, who is no friend of Tea Party conservatives, may be trying to mend some fences as well.


  "Because many southern conservatives will be suspicious of his northern roots."


  Many conservatives criticize Christie for embracing President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and with not being as strongly libertarians as they would like.


  Christie is regularly seen as the Republican who has the best chance of capturing the White House for the GOP in 2016.