A veteran Aggie who has been Vice Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System and a professor of Soil and Crop Sciences has been named interim President of Texas A&M University, 1200 WAOI news reports


  Dr. Mark Hussey is also Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


  He will serve as president on an interim basis while a nationwide search is conducted for a permanent successor.  A&M Chancellor John Sharp says Hussey will not be a candidate for that position.


  A&M professors were hoping for an interim president with an academic background.  Governor Perry, who is, probably along with Johnny Manziel the most prominent Aggie in the state, caused controversy when he threw his support behind the A&M Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, who does not have classroom experience.


  Texas A&M is the largest university in Texas and one of the largest in the nation, with 53,000 students.


  Hussey will succeed R. Bowen Loftin, who resigned as President of Texas A&M to take a job as Chancellor of the University of Missouri.