Some of San Antonio's most influential corporate leaders, like Rackspace and Zachry American, came together today to argue in favor of the immigration reform bill which is now being intensely debated in Washington, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Rackspace co founder Graham Weston says it's not a Democrat issue or a Republican issue, it's an issue about America crafting policies which allow businesses to grow.


  "15, 20 years ago, companies started to outsource to India, and they did it for cost reasons," Weston said.  "Today they are outsourcing to India because they can't find the people they need here."


  Weston says in today's business climate, being anti immigration reform is being anti business and anti free enterprise.


  "This comes down to whether Americans want policies that support its business community," Weston said.


  Weston says America should be 'the Broadway stage that everybody in the world aspires to perform on,' but the current immigration policies prevent that from happening.


  Business leaders tell of waits to get qualified engineers and technicians into the U.S. prompting them to simply give up, and open their new branches in Mumbai or Frankfurt or Shanghai instead of in the United States.


  Mayor Castro, who is one of the leaders in the battle for immigration reform, joined the business group.