Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson is spreading falsehoods and misconceptions about the new San Antonio gay and lesbian non discrimination ordinance, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "If you speak out about your deeply held religious beliefs they will put you in jail," Robertson told his television audience.


  Robertson continued by saying "You will be branded a Class 3 felon.  This whole thing is outrageous and that city council should be replaced."


  Robertson's comments came following a CBN news report claiming that the San Antonio NDO 'criminalizes those with a Biblical view of sexuality.'


  Regardless of how you feel about the NDO, or whether you feel that city council members should be replaced, there is nothing in the new law that would 'throw anybody in jail.'


  In fact, the NDO calls on city officials to mediate with any firm which has been accused of discriminating against gay, lesbian, and transgendered companies specifically to avoid any penalties, and the most anybody can face is a Class C misdemeanor, like a speeding ticket, with a maximum $500 fine and no jail time.


  It would certainly not result in anybody being charged as a 'felon.'


  The law specifically states that nobody nothing in it calls for any sorts of punishments or civil or criminal penalties for anybody speaking out about homosexuality.  The law only punishments actions, not words.


  Also removed from the law was the so called 'word and deed' language, which appeared to prevent anybody who had ever spoken out against homosexuality from ever serving on a city board or commission.


  Robertson also blasted the 'vagueness' of the law, which is a concern, and which is expected to be the basis of a court challenge by conservative groups.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Wednesday in face praised the city for removing the clause, and said his office will not be filing suit to block the law.