One term Republican Congressman Francisco 'Quico' Canseco said today he is raising money and 'putting together a new team' to take back the 23rd District Congressional seat he lost to Democrat Pete Gallego last fall, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Canseco, an attorney and banker, defeated Democrat Ciro Rodriguez to win the seat in the Republican year of 2010, but then lost it in a close race to Gallego, a veteran member of the Texas Legislature and former prosecuting attorney, in 2012.


  "Our nation must break free of self-serving, professional politicians," Canseco said in a letter to supporters.  "Our representatives must remember that our government was designed to be of the people and for the people...and not of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid!" 

  Meanwhile, Lyle Larson, the conservative champion of Bexar County, said today he is endorsing former CIA operative Will Hurd for the seat. 

  "Will Hurd is a leader," Larson said.  "he proved it whyile serving our country in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Middle East." 

  Larson himself ran for the seat in 2008, losing to Democrat Ciro Rodriguez.

  Gallego has indicated he expects a serious Republican challenge in 2014.  The 23rd Congressional District, which stretches from San Antonio to El Paso, is the largest Congressional district in the country which is not its own state.  It is also one of the handful of truly competitive Congressional districts, so it always attracts well funded candidates.


  Fair Oaks Ranch physician Dr. Robert Lowry has also announced plans to run for the Congressional seat.


  The 23rd Congressional District is also at ground zero of the redistricting battles in Texas, as it has changed shape several times over the past decade due to court challenges and Republican sponsored redistricting.