Popular unrest over that proposed downtown streetcar has prompted a second prominent local official to jump into the race to unseat County Judge Nelson Wolff, as City Councilman Carlton Soules seeks to become the first Republican since Cyndi Krier to lead Bexar County government, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Soules, a conservative second term councilman says Wolff has become 'fixated' on 'wasteful legacy projects such as downtown streetcars.'


  "These initiatives drain resources away from necessary public safety and infrastructure projects across the county and explode the county's debt," Soules said.


  Wolff's support of the streetcar and toll roads prompted fellow Democratic Commissioner Tommy Adkisson to enter the county judge race on Sunday, setting up a major clash for the county's top position.


  Wolff is seeking re-election on a platform of having pushed the county forward into major infrastructure projects like the AT&T Center.  But Soules says he would change that.


  "As a San Antonio City councilman, I have been a strong advocate for the taxpayers of San Antonio," Soules said.  "I have fought to ensure that public tax dollars are used effectively, and not squandered on pet projects or bloated bureaucracies."


  Soules promises to 'end the era of legacy building' at the Courthouse.


  Soules will have to resign from City Council to pursue his run for County Judge, meaning council will choose a replacement, probably after the start of the new years.  It is the second north side city council seat to come open in the past three months, after Elisa Chan resigned in October to run for State Senate.