The Texas Federation of Republican Women has opened its biennial statewide conference in San Antonio, and, at a time when the Democratic Party has stated its goal of turning Texas from an overwhelmingly Republican state to a state where Democrats are competitive, TFRW leaders say one of their goals is to make sure that doesn't happen.


  "One of our missions and goals is to get Republicans elected," Toni Ann Dashiell of the TFRW told 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason. "We want to education our members on who the candidates are, and we work to get those candidates elected, and we are very good at that."


  The TFRW is at ground zero of the battle for the political soul of Texas in 2014.  Democrats say gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis will have to peel off female suburban voters which have been the stalwart of the Texas GOP for twenty years if she is to have a chance of getting elected.


  Dashiell is equally committed to making sure that doesn't happen.


  "We have different events throughout the year, and get out the vote campaigns throughout the year, as well as efforts to train candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers."


  The group will also show its support for the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), leaders of the new Republican conservative wing, will be featured speakers at the event, which runs through Saturday.


  Dashiell says the TFRW is committed to conservative financial principles.


  "We are trying to be fiscally responsible, and we do want a budget, a budget hasn't been passed for five years," she said.  "We want to curtail our spending, but having that message get out there to the Republicans has been a little more challenging."