It looks like Texas will not face another redistricting nightmare of the kind that pushed the 2012 Presidential primary into late July, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  A federal court in San Antonio ruled Friday that the state can use the redistricting maps passed by the Texas Legislature in the just completed special session in next year's elections.

  "We are pleased that the court agreed to allow the 2014 elections to proceed on time using the new maps drawn by the Legislature," Attorney General Greg Abbott said.  "That certainly benefits all Texans."

  The battle over redistricting was brutal and decisive in 2012, when Democratic Party aligned groups repeatedly challenged the maps drawn by the Republican controlled legislature, claiming they were discriminatory to certain groups.

  "The state will continue to respond in court to the unwarranted challenges to the new maps by the Obama Administration and various plaintiff groups,"  Abbott said.

  Vigorous challenges to redistricting efforts by majority Republicans is part of the Obama Administration strategy to make Texas friendlier to Democratic candidates.