Andrea Hernandez, the 'RFID Girl,' whose lawsuit agaisnt the Northside ISD last winter over its controversial RFID Student Locator system gained national attention, will be back in her desk at the Science and Engineering Academy at Jay High School when school starts on Monday, 1200 WOAI news reports.


   A federal lawsuit which was filed by Hernandez, claiming the RFID program was an illegal invasion of privacy lost in the courts.  But Northside has discontinued the program and Hernandez has dropped her lawsuit, so she will return to Jay from Taft High School.  She had been expelled from the magnet program and returned to her home school last January for refusing to wear the RFID chip.


  "There are very few happy endings for those who stand up to the government and say 'no more'," said John Whitehead, president of the Libertarian Rutherford Institute, which helped represent Hernandez in court.


  "Hopefully, Andrea Hernandez will prove to be the exception and will use this opportunity to continue her strong stand for freedom."