The Rock ‘N Roll Marathon comes to downtown San Antonio all weekend, with  more than 26,000 runners expected to participate. And one of those runners has overcome physical hardships just to compete.

      North Carolina Native and avid runner, Beth Deloria traveled for years going state to state running in marathons across the country. But after suffering a spinal injury, she was left with foot drop, paralysis of her left foot and ankle making it impossible to flex her foot upward. Doctors questioned if she could walk again, let alone run.

      “It really took a toll on me,” Deloria said. “I never realized how much of my life was wrapped up in my physical activity and I knew I needed to get back to running.”

      After nearly two years sitting out from marathons, Deloria says she could no longer sit back and she was determined to do something. She turned to technology to find a way to run again.

      “I found a brace that’s made out of carbon fiber and it’s meant to mimic the movement of the muscles of her left foot and ankle,” Deloria said. “It acts just like a spring when I run.”

      Running has given Deloria a new mission, more than just maintaining a healthy lifestyle but spreading hope. She has teamed up with Allard USA, the same company who manufactures her brace, to let other people know that technology can help physical challenges.

      “I run for all the people who can’t run, that’s what I think about when I take the starting line,” Deloria said. “I want people to know they can get back up and they can live a happy life…. That’s why I do all the marathons… to spread awareness.”

      Deloria will be competing in the San Antonio Rock ‘N Roll  Half Marathon Sunday morning and immediately following will take a plan to Las Vegas to compete in their Rock ‘N Roll half marathon and has made it a personal goal to complete 50 races in the next 24 months.

      “It’s a crazy thing to think about in terms of the stress you’re putting on your body, but I have so much gratitude that I use that as my motivation.”