San Antonio City Council today approved a new ethics law which will guarantee that all ethics questions are handled by an independent auditor who works for the Ethics Review Board, instead of for City Council or for the City Manager, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  City Attorney Michael Bernard says the key goal of the new law is to make sure businesses don't make generous campaign contributions to council candidates, only to get a payoff in the form of a lucrative city contract once the candidate is elected.


  "The auditor would a look at the campaign contributions, the financial disclosure that staff does, the financial disclosure that the elected members of council do, and insure that there are no conflicts of interest," Bernard said.


  The city has been working on a new ethics ordinance for several weeks.  Ironically, the new one was passed on the Thursday before the Saturday municipal elections.


  "The auditor will conduct compliance reviews of campaign reports and financial disclosures, to identify conflicts of interest in the solicitation of high profile discretionary contracts," Bernard said.