It’s been more than a week since the Boston Marathon Bombings, and a San Antonio cardiologist was honored Thursday for his heroism as a first responder.

     On Thursday, Methodist Hospital held a ceremony to honor Dr. Jorge “George” Alvarez for the countless lives he saves during the terroist attack.

     Alvarez was attending the marathon with is wife, who was running in it. He was volunteering at a medical tent near the finish line when the bombs went off.

     “There were so many people hurt,” he said, remembering back to that day. “It just went from bad to bad... and I didn’t have to time to think, I just asked ‘what needs to be done?’”

     Thankfully, Alvarez' wife had finished the race only 20 minutes before the first bomb went off.

     I wasn’t really thinking, I just knew I had to help, he said.

     “We were told that maybe there was another bomb in the building... we were standing just four or five feet away from that building,” Alvarez said. “We were trying to help everybody and trying to decide what to do… it was surreal.”

     I don’t think I had time to be scared, it looked like a warzone and I was there to help, he said.

     “It came down to: do you run or sit here and try and help these people,” Alvarez said. “We stayed and helped… I’m just so grateful I was there and I could help.”

     Alvarez said he still gets nervous in big crowds but he and his wife plan to attend to the marathon next year to see the memorial and so he can volunteer his time again.

     “I think about my role and what I did and realizing there were 49 other physicians didn’t matter,” he said.  “If I just needed to hold someone’s hand and tell them they were going to be okay, that's what I did.”