San Antonio is number one among all of the large cities in the nation in terms of individual credit card debt, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  A new report by the credit company Experian says Texas is the state with the highest average credit card debt, and San Antonio leads Texas, and the nation.  Our average credit card balance is $5,177.


  Cynthia Hazel at Consumer Credit Counseling says, ironically, one reason for this debt is our booming economy.  She says the sorts of people who come to San Antonio looking for work are either unemployed or under employed, and many of them have racked up debt.


  "If a person doesn't have a job, they are going to hold onto that credit card, and those charges are going to spike," she said.


  San Antonio's average credit card debt is 23% higher than the national average.


  The second most indebted city in the USA is Jacksonville, followed by Atlanta.


   Hazel says San Antonio's large military population is also one of the reasons why our average credit card debt is so high.


  "Their commander says, get up and move, they pretty much have to do that," she said.  "Another reason to get out the credit card."


  She says if you want to find predatory, so called 'pay day lenders' and other companies that seek out individuals in debt, the best place to start is around military bases.


  But she says the key reason why local consumer debt is up is generally the fact that people are moving to San Antonio looking for jobs.


  "Think of people moving here from California and from the north," she said.  "They aren't coming here with jobs, so they are probably using their credit cards."


  Experian says higher credit card balances mean more delinquencies, which frequently throw the economy out of whack.