So how honest are we in San Antonio?  An informal new study shows...probably not as honest as we like to believe.


  An organic tea company called Honest Tea thought it would test it's name, and see if its drinkers are really honest.


  Company co founder Seth Goldman says un staffed kiosks were set up in cities across the country.  Passersby were told they could have tea for free, but to cover the costs they were asked to put money in a box affixed to the kiosk on the 'honor system.'


  "Over 92% of Americans chose to put money in the box," Goldman told 1200 WOAI news.


  San Antonio trailed that national average.  Goldman says in the Alamo City, 91% of passersby paid the dollar.


  But that is higher than the statewide average.  In fact, only 87% of Texans as a whole forked over the dollar.


  "Alabama and Hawaii both had 100% honesty results," Goldman said.  "Other states like Indiana and Maine came in at 99%."


  The most honest city in Texas is Galveston, where 96% of people put the dollar in the box.  Austin finished ahead of San Antonio with 93%.  Dallas is the least honest city in Texas, with only 87% honesty.


  The least honest city in the USA?  No surprise's Washington DC.