The owner of ChaChas Mexican Restaurant has something else to brag about in addition to his enchiladas.


  Wahl Electric Shavers has named Ricardo Ruiz the man with the best facial hair in the nation.


  Ruiz told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board he's proud of his well trimmed mustache and beard.


  "I get used to it, it's become part of my routine," Ruiz said.  "Just like you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth or comb your hair, I get up and do my mustache."


  Ruiz says his carefully tended handlebar mustache gets a lot of attention.


  "People smile, and say 'look at his mustache'," he says.  "Little kids run up to me and they smile, and people wave at me."


  Ruiz says he's proud of his 'Man of the Year' designation, especially since well-trimmed mustaches and goatees are again in high fashion.


  Ruiz says he shaved his mustache once, but decided to grow it back because he 'didn't recognize' the man in the mirror.