Five Cases of Salmonella Poisoning Hit Texas Part of a national outbreak =================================

Raw poultry from Foster Farms in California has already sickened people in 18 states ... now five in Texas are ill.

UT Health Science Center's Houston's Charles Ericsson, M.D., says chicken, fish, meat or any kind of animal product means dealing with bacteria.

"One must suspect that out of this particular farm is a high level of contamination and that the average handling of the poultry wasn't quite sufficient."

He suggest consumers protect
themselves by cooking poultry thoroughly up to 165 degrees.

The Centers for Disease Control has brought back furloughed workers to deal with a salmonella outbreak.

"It takes a large number of organisms to get disease so you either have made a mistake or undercooked; if you under cook any kind of poultry you run a risk," he says.

Reports say Foster Farms, one of the country's biggest poultry producers, has had a long history of salmonella outbreaks.

"These stories come out as admonitions to homemakers, like the proper handling of turkey at Thanksgiving, because it's such a common thing."

Ericsson says during the holidays, you are safer cooking stuffing outside of the turkey.