Texas child protection officials are expressed concern about a spike in deaths of children in foster care across the state, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The latest was a San Antonio boy who had been removed from his home by Child Protect Service case workers 'for his own protection.'  The boy was placed with a foster family in suburban Austin, where he died over the weekend.


  In fact, Child Protective Service says in 2012 there were only two deaths in foster care in the entire state.  In this fiscal year, there have already been eight deaths, including the death of Orien Hamilton, who was taken from his drug addicted mother in San Antonio.


  Patrick Crimmins with the Department of Family and Protective Services, calls it 'concerning.'


  "These kids have already been through quite a bit," he said.  "We absolutely have to keep them safe once they’re in foster care."


  Crimmins says the deaths last year took on a variety of forms.


  "Those cases in 2013, there were two suicides, there were two drownings, and there were several sleep related deaths," he said.


  The foster care system has long been abused by people who take in foster children to collect the generous stipend provided by the state, and who show less than total concern about the child that comes with the money.  But Crimmins says investigators have so far found no connection between any of the deaths, and no common threats in them.


  "We can't really find any common denominator, we can't find any obvious trend," he said.  "But we are extremely concerned about it."