The City of San Marcos is celebrating its long connection with President Lyndon Johnson, by throwing the switch on the new lighted sign at the LBJ Museum, to honor the late President for his effort to bring electricity to the Hill Country, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Johnson attended what was then called the Texas State Teachers College in San Marcos in the twenties, where he was active in community affairs and edited the school newspaper.


  Later, LBJ returned to San Marcos as President to sign the Education Act.


  In addition, Johnson's long time confidant and speechwriter, Bob Hardesty, is a former president of the Texas State, back in the days when it was called Southwest Texas State University.


  San Marcos is also preparing to dedicate the 'crossroads project,' at the intersection of Lyndon Johnson Drive and Martin Luther King Drive, the only place in America where streets named for those two giants of the 1960s intersect.