The 13th Floor Haunted House on E. Commerce Street hosts not only ghosts and ghouls ...
right now they're hosting the Travel Channel.

13th Floor's John
Love says the channel's show "Making Monsters"
is shooting on the 13th floor.

"Making Monsters" features the company
Distortions and the weird, horror experiences they create for haunted houses.

This edition of the show
will feature the new "Grinder"
interactive exhibit
where you won't believe who's waiting for you in the basement.

"This is the entrance to the Grinder
so you're going through this
big mechanical contraption, ride
the slide to the bottom
and then there's the surprise."

"It's thematically
a slaughterhouse so they did
the set work, the gears and
all of this cool stuff," says Love.

Love says haunted houses are
moving beyond the traditional
scary guy in a mask yelling "Boo".

Crews are in town
shooting the episode now.

"There's a great haunted culture here, a great
haunted house culture here and the city lends
itself to what we do and since we have been here
the city has really embraced it," says Love.