With Memorial Day weekend almost here, Schlitterbahn Water Parks is reminding guests they can save money when they bring in their own ice chest full of their own food, for a picnic in the park.

     Unlike other theme parks in Texas, Schlitterbahn is the only water park and theme park that lets families to pack outside food and bring it in.

     “Letting families bring in their own ice chests and have a picnic in the park is something that has become a tradition to so many,” said Schlitterbahn Theme Parks Chief Operating Officer, Terri Adams. “It’s one of the things that families always appreciate when they travel.”

     On Thursday the park partnered up with H-E-B and held an “Ice Chest Challenge” for families from Operation Home Front, in honor of Memorial Day.

     In top-chef style, three chefs were given a $75 gift card from H-E-B and were told to make the “perfect ice chest picnic.” The winner of the challenge recived a trip to the Schiltterbahn’s Water Park in South Padre Island.   

     “We thought it would be fun to literally juice up a family’s ice chest and give them ideas of food they could pack for the park,” Adams said."There are lots of healthy foods to take with you on the go… and once they’re here we have dessert, our funnel cakes.”

     While the park does sell food, giving the families the option to bring their own meals has helped families on a budget save money, Adams said.

     “There are families that when they travel [packing an ice chest] is one of the ways they can go on vacation and spend time together,” Adams said. “We plan on keeping the ice chest policy for as long as we can.”     

      Any and all food is allowed in the park, except alcoholic beverages and glass containers of any kind.