More than two dozen friends, family, and concerned citizens gathered today at a northeast side church to begin scouring the Garden Ridge area for any clues to what happened to Leanne Bearden, who has been missing since last Friday, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Garrett Stephens, who organized the search, says the turnout is amazing.


  "The family needs a lot of support right now, and a lot of people out here are very close with the family and with Josh and Leanne, and we're just happy to b here," Stephens said.


  Bearden, who just completed a two year round the world trip with her husband Josh, was last seen in Friday, when she went to take a walk.  A landscaper saw her walking out of the home by herself, and officials say there is no indication that foul play is involved.


  The Beardens live in Denver, and were simply staying with relatives in Garden Ridge while they waited for tenants who have been living in their Denver home while they were taking their round the world trip moved out, so they have many friends and relatives in the San Antonio area.


  A professional search team is set to arrive on Saturday.


  Some of the searchers today are asking permission to search private land that she may have wandered onto while she was walking.  She didn't have a cell phone with her at the time.