Six snakes and reptiles, including a five foot long Komodo Dragon, which was one of the zoo's most popular attractions, were killed today when a smoky fire ripped through the Komodo House at the San Antonio Zoo, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "We actually lost six animals in the entire process," Zoo Spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike told 1200 WOAI news.  "One Komodo Dragon, two Solomon Skinks, two Amazon Tree Boas, and a Red Mountain Racer."


  The Solomon Skink is a reptile native to the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific.  The Tree Boas and Racer are varieties of snakes.


  Rios-Vanskike said the fire was noticed by a zoo employee before the zoo opened.


   "We were alerted to a lot of smoke coming out of the Komodo Dragon exhibit early this morning," she said.


  Zoo workers were busy today moving the reptiles to other quarters.


  "The Komodo Dragon exhibit is closed down, probably indefinitely," she said.  "It will get us six to eight months to get that up and running again."


 No humans were hurt, but Deborah Foster of the San Antonio Fire Department says crews had to dodge '25 to 45' poisonous snakes when they were fighting the fire.