San Antonio Congressman Lamar Smith says he's tired of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency playing 'I've got a secret' with Congress, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Smith, who heads the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, says the EPA is using what he called 'secret science' to justify increasingly harsh regulations which cost millions of dollars, as well as costing jobs.  The EPA has refused for two years to release the science it uses to justify these restrictions.


  "If EPA has nothing to hide, why not provide this information to Congress, and the American people," Smith said.  "We are concerned that EPA's reluctance to respond to Congressional requests or to obtain and assess the data to assure the legitimacy of claimed benefits may reflect weaknesses in the studies."


  He says he has written the EPA six times over the past two years requesting the data, and always gets some kind of runaround, like it is 'working to obtain the data from certain academic institutions.'


  Now, Smith says the new EPA proposals limiting ozone are expected to be 'some of the most costly regulations the federal government has ever issued.


  "In the EPA assessment of this standard, it cited studies based on these hidden data sets more than a thousand times," Smiths aid.


  He says unless the EPA forks over it's 'secret science' by July 31, his committee will subpoena it.


  He says it is time that the data be placed on line so all Americans can see it.