Firefighters Learn to Deal with Solar Panels Industry leaders dion't want panels to hinder the saving of a house =======================================

The Texas Renewables Association
is teaching firefighters how to deal
with one potential hazard: solar panels.

Not because solar panels are any more
dangerous than electric circuits ... but they can get in the way.

"One issue is access, so that firefighters can climb onto the roof and the panels aren't taking up every inch of the roof,"
says Sol Power People's Janet Hughes.

"When the sun shines, these panels are
alive. You can't turn them off so firefighters need to understand how to work with them and make them safe."

Firefighters also need to know that most current runs on AC power but solar panels run on DC.

"And also thinking in terms of running the conduit, so it's not a trip hazard and so that everything is properly labeled and so that they know what DC power is," she says of firefighters navigating homes with panels.

"If wires short out, if there is arcing
there is fire potential. That is the same way with PV systems as well; solar panels are an electrical device."

Proper placement
of the panels can also mean firefighters move with ease on the roof for ventilation and fighting the fire.