South Texans appear to be celebrating the end of the recession and the region's strong economic surge by rushing to the new car lot.


  Local car dealerships are reporting very strong sales.  So strong, that Jerry Strain of Jordan Ford tells 1200 WOAI news that in some cases, customers are snapping up cars faster than he can get them onto the lot.


  "They come in looking for one particular model, and we may have a shortage of that model," Strain said.  "We are working with all the other Ford dealers to try to bring in a car if a customer wants it immediately."


  Several reporting services have indicated that Americans are on a new car buying frenzy.  During the recession, many cut back by buying new cars, causing used car prices to skyrocket, and new car sales hit rock bottom in 2009, as General Motors and Chrysler wallowed in bankruptcy.


  But those days are long gone.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Subaru, Ford, and Honda are dealing with spot shortages of new cars and car makers spent less on incentives than at any time since 2007 as customers swarmed over show rooms and snapped up that new car smell, paying top dollar for it.


  Strain says they are working to keep as many different varieties of cars on the lot as possible.


  "This week it might be that we have more SE's in stock, next week it might be that we have more Titaniums in stock," he said, referring to models of the wildly popular Ford Focus.


  Several things other than better economic times are driving the new car rush.


  Strain says in the last two or three years, the types of technology which has been installed in new cars has exploded, with the Ford Sync program on the cars he sells, as well as similar devices on other new cars.


  Unlike following previous recessions, when customers went back to the showroom to find essentially what they had seen before, today's new cars are far different than what customers last saw on the show room floor in 2007 and 2008.


  "Blue tooth connectivity, My Ford Touch, those items are in almost every model," he said.  "That has brought people in looking for those new features."

  He says some customers who want, for example, certain colors, are beign told to wait for delivery, or, in some cases, they care sent to another dealership.