Spurs mania has hit San Antonio, from hats, to shirts, to jerseys, to now pastries.

     Angela Marty with El Volcan Panderia on Roosevelt Ave. and Southcross says their bakery has been selling out of their 'Spurs logo' donuts, daily.

     “We're not taking anymore orders, we we're but not anymore because we're still behind in orders about three or four hours,” Marty said. “I opened at 6 a.m. and there we're people already in line and they waited for two or three hours for just two or three donuts.”

     The business has been the best it’s ever been and we’re just making sure we can keep up, Marty said.

     “We're very very busy, we're happy but we're tired we are talking about coming at midnight on Friday because I’m sure it will be busy,” she said. “People just want the Spurs donut. They’re thinking ‘Go Spurs Go’…. They want it all.”

     Nadler’s Bakery and Deli on Babcock Rd. is also seeing an increase in business, especially for their Spurs inspired cookies.

     “Our most popular cookie is our Coach Pop one, it says 'get nasty',” General Manager of the Bakery, Alexia Nadler said. “Those are just walking out the door, they are definitely the fan favorites.”

     The bakery has been making them round the clock just to keep up with order, some buying one or two other buying them by the dozen, she said.

     “People love their Spurs, it doesn’t matter what it is,” Nadler said. “There’s still one more game… and if they win the whole thing then we’re going to have to be creative maybe making a cookie that looks like the trophy.”

El Volcano Panderia located on Roosevelt Ave. and Southcross sell out daily of their Spurs inspired donuts. 

Nadler's Bakery and Deli's located on Babcock Rd. sell hundreds of their Spurs Cookies daily